To the rebellious ones…

Still living through Covid, still having ups and downs. We have all had our struggles and ways with dealing and coping. Some fear the virus and some, like me, struggle with the restrictions. Not that I should complain, I live in one of the safest places at the moment but still. Restrictions can be so hard for some of us.

Growing up, restrictions have always been my struggle. I have fought for my independence and freedom since the moment I came out the womb. My mom would vouch for that. As would all my teachers. Always the rebellious one never fearing breaking the rules but also never looking to cause harm. Living through this pandemic has reminded me of just how badly I am in love with being free.

It’s not like I haven’t gone a year or so without travel. What I struggle with is the not knowing when. When will we be free again. When can movement occur. I feel there are two types of people in this world. The creatures of comfort, who do not like change and happy in their little bubble. And those who crave change, movement and constant adventure. Not one is better than the other and each has their own sets of struggles but just both polar opposites.

Trying to make the most of things by exploring my own city and doing little things for myself as suggested but here’s to hoping we can all be free soon because at the end of the day us “adventure” types just crave a little bit more.


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