Kindness is free…

With everything in the world feeling so heavy right now, now more than ever we should try to be kind. We have no idea how each individual is feeling and dealing with all the changes. People have lost their jobs, businesses, been quarantined and in lockdown. Some people have been stuck home in abusive situations. I mean the list goes on and on. Then on top of all of it, we have mental health.

That’s my forever struggle. I have dealt with anxiety for as long as I can remember. Having panic attacks as a child coming from no where but my deep sleep. Doctors say I deal with stress very well on the outside but on the inside, my body releases it when I’m not in control of it. And with everything happening all around the globe right now it’s no wonder I’ve felt the way I have.

Things are heavy and for some of you it’s not that bad. You don’t feel the effect or can brush things off or move on. I’ve always wished I could be like that. Even with medication, it helps, but nothing fully “cures” it. The only way I can describe how my anxiety feels is that I “feel” everything so deeply. Even if something doesn’t affect me personally it can linger in my thoughts. The struggle sometimes being how friends and family don’t always understand. I often times say I just don’t feel well or I’m tired to avoid having to explain myself. I need that alone time to decompress and yet people get angry or frustrated with me but I shouldn’t have to explain myself to everyone. Some people suffer much more and deal with depression and manic behaviour and not everyone wants to talk about it or mention it.

So please, I’m not going to go into full detail of my anxiety but remember, always be kind. You have no idea what anyone else may be going through on the inside just because they don’t talk about it. Be mindful and respectful and don’t take everyone’s behaviour personal. Sometimes someone is fighting battles you can’t see.


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