I don’t understand…

I don’t understand. The year is 2020. How can racism still be such a pronounced issue. What does it matter what color skin one has. We are all human beings. We are or should be, all the same.

How can people still be fighting this fight? How can it not be right?

My heart breaks for all those who suffer and I don’t understand how the cruelty of others is allowed to exist.

This has to stop. And I don’t know how to stop it but if we all do our part and do what is right maybe it can end.

It’s not a subject I know much about because for me, a person’s colour has never been an issue to me. I treat all humans the same no matter what. I don’t understand. What makes these people so cruel and entitled to treat others in such ways?

We must teach our children love and equality. This fight should have ended years ago or in my opinion, should never have had to be an issue in the first place. Who wrote these rules in the first place? We are all HUMAN. How and why should skin tone determine how one is treated? That doesn’t make sense to me. How does it make sense to anyone?


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