Too soon? …

With restrictions being lifted and some of us happy about it, it has others feeling nervous about it. I keep hearing “what about the second wave” , “it’s too soon”. But is it? Since when has everyone on Facebook become an expert on pandemics?

I’ll start by saying I’m clearly far from being an expert and was a strict advocate on staying home when the first wave hit. As people were coming home from traveling abroad, numbers were spiking. So fast forward a bit and we stayed home and flattened the curve. Now we can go out to public parks and beaches. Businesses are slowly opening following social distancing guidelines and disinfecting.

Why is that so bad? Do we not realize we have to get back to society? And how do we know what’s too soon? There is no way possible to stop the virus as it has become a world wide pandemic. We can wait til not a single person has symptoms but how many years would that take? Wait for a vaccine? That may never become available either. We can’t keep borders shut down around the world forever and we can’t live off government money for years either for those of us lucky enough to have those benefits. Not everyone does and we all need to survive. It doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do though.

We CAN social distance, we CAN wear masks and wash our hands. We CAN use caution and protect ourselves and those at higher risk. Maybe my opinion on this stems from the fact that I’ve always been a germaphobe and have practiced a lot of these methods my whole life. To me it’s common sense and not that hard but I know not everyone is like that which is why I do it for myself and not someone else. Learn to protect yourself if you don’t trust everyone is doing it.

Let’s stop fighting one another over opinion and do what feels right for you. If things are open and you’re not comfortable, don’t go and if you are have enough respect to keep clean. We can’t stop life from evolving, we can only do our best with the situation at hand. And as for the second wave? What else can we do but deal with it as it comes. We could have a vaccine by then or we may have to go back into quarantine for awhile. Whatever the case may be we can worry all we want but in the end all we can do is do our best and deal with what we are faced when we are faced with it.

Let’s try to be kind and respectful in this situation no matter what we face and no matter what someone’s opinion may be.


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