Being relatable…

So many of us want to share our journey and experiences with others on a relatable standpoint but is it just me or has anyone else noticed how many just make it about themselves? When trying to reach out and relate to other people it’s about sharing your story but not just making it about you.

When I started this whole blogging venture it was to inspire anyone who can relate to my situation or take from my situation and create their own vision. I’ve noticed that there is a fine line between sharing and inspiring and just making it about yourself.

They tell you to capture an audience’s attention you must tell your story. But when telling your story shouldn’t we be a bit more mindful of the “I” and “me” and make things more about “us” and “we”. Isn’t that what makes your story more relatable in the first place? I mean, I’m not here to put anyone else down and if that’s what they like then that’s fine too but it’s not the only way.

I want to keep an open dialect with anyone reading this and hope that my stories and journeys can inspire you and not just be about me. I want to share positive energy, teach people to follow their gut instincts and not be afraid of being their true self. I want to share my stories but I don’t want to make it about me. I want to share them in a relatable way where one can feel like “I do that too” or “I want that too”. Find ways to help inspire each other and motivate one another into our best selves and face changes without fear.


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