Life in lockdown…

The year is 2020 and life as we knew it has passed and gone. Everything we do now is dubbed “the new normal”. Crazy how life can change in the blink of an eye, but we never realized how it can change for everyone around the world at once. Hence comes lockdowns and quarantines. Terms I know I had only ever heard off and never imagined living through. So how do we cope?

I think we can all agree that we have all been affected personally by this in one way or another. It’s an adjustment, and as with any major adjustments comes frustrations and anxiety. Some have been able to keep working and while some are happy about it some were scared about it. While some have temporarily lost their jobs for others it may be permanent. Whatever you’re situation has been, we are all in it together and no matter how we have been handling it, I think we can all agree we are doing our best.

In my personal journey through this, I have temporarily lost my job. I can’t describe what that actually feels like when it’s all I’ve known. I do hair, I see people and talk to people daily. All of a sudden I’m at home, locked in and feeling alone. I have a roommate but she has been able to work so my time in lockdown has been trying. I think anyone who has been stuck in their homes have felt a variety of ways. Some days, I have cleaned and organized, some days I was working out and focusing on self-care and other days I literally couldn’t not drag myself out of bed and found myself crying for no reason. Whatever anyone has gone through I think we can all agree it’s OK. No one has taught us how to prepare or feel in these situations.

I also know that some places have had it worse. I know we are blessed to live in a country like Canada that has never been affected greatly by war or famine or corruption. I don’t downgrade any of those situations and don’t compare our lockdown to those situations at all. I do believe though, that no matter what situation we are thrown into, wether big or small, it’s still valid to be able to feel what we feel.

As thing ease up and restrictions are slowly lifted all I can say is I HOPE. I hope we can all get through this together. I hope we can all be kind to one another and help each other find our new way of life. And I hope one day our lives will be as it was. Stay strong.


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