I tried, didn’t succeed and that’s ok…

So I started this blog about this time last year searching for “more” out of life. I still am, let’s be honest, and with covid making us all stuck inside, it just gets my mind thinking and pondering even more.

Let’s go back to last year and why I began this journey. After coming back home from a trip to Bali and learning about all the expats and how people make money from working online I started digging into what I could do to take part of that train. I set my sites on an MLM style business and set sails. Being a hairstylist and having a passion for the beauty industry I chose a business I found fitting. LOVED the products and still use them, believed in everything the business stood for yet I couldn’t make a “go” at it. Not sure why, maybe a lack of experience, maybe my marketing, maybe this maybe that but I just don’t know why or how. I could easily renew and keep trying but I’m gonna take a pause and re-assess.

My point with this post is to share that not all pursuits will be successful and that’s OK! I don’t feel bad and happy I at least tried. Maybe I’ll try again or maybe I’ll write or pursue something more personal. Maybe my journey isn’t about monetary growth but personal growth. I have always felt there is something in me to share. If I can help encourage or motivate at least one person it will have been worth it.

Maybe I can share and write my journey and life experiences and not worry so much about money and business and maybe that’s when it’ll happen. The aha moment.


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