I don’t care what anyone says or what anyone tells you, learning a new skill is hard no matter how simple it seems. I’ve been a hairstylist my whole life and never learned the basic skills of typing in high school like some of you may have. I’ve recently decided it IS a basic skill and one I should learn how to do.

Trying something new wether going to a class with a teacher to help you or going at it from home online is never easy. First off, you need the motivation to do so. Once you have that, then you need the momentum to keep going. I think when you sign up and pay for a class it’s a lot easier to stay with it but riding solo at home can prove difficult at times. I’m happy to report I’ve stuck to it so far but will admit it doesn’t come without a bit of frustration. Even an easy skill isn’t going to be easy if you’ve never done it but please, never give up.

I don’t know why I chose to do this but sometimes it just feels good to try something new. No amount of learning will ever go to waste. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do or just feel you want to challenge yourself a little bit, I say go for it! Don’t do it for anyone but yourself and remember, no matter how difficult or tedious it can’t get, don’t give up! Keep encouraging yourself and set reminders. Follow other motivated people online and read motivational quotes if it helps to keep your spirits up.


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