We all have to start somewhere and when we do we begin at the beginning and hit all the first “firsts”. It can be such an amazing and inspiring feeling. Validation for the choices you’ve made.

Today my “first” was my first pay with my side hustle. Only one short month in and I’ve already accumulated a few customers and a small pay. Nothing but luck will hit it big overnight so I’ve been very realistic from day one. Just having this small but first step is a great feeling. It has made me see that going slow and steady with persistence and perseverance it will come.

Going at a side hustle as a part time gig may take a bit longer than diving in full time but consistency will pay off no matter how fast or slow you go.

If you’re just starting out don’t lose faith. Take it all in steps and trust the power of beginnings and applaud yourself when you hit those firsts. Eventually those baby steps will turn into something great.


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