Before and…

Keeping on my journey to wellness and side hustles and overall better living, I’ve taken the first step into fitness motivation by taking the dreaded before pic. Granted I’m not in that bad of a shape, having high metabolism, *don’t hate me, but also know what the term “skinny fat” entails. We can never fully achieve our goals if we’re feeling sluggish and dragging along. A healthy lifestyle filled with dreams and goals should come with the full package. Feeling good inside and out.

No matter what shape or size one is genetically dispositioned to be, we all must practice healthy eating and physical activity. I’ve always been the tall, skinny one eating all the junk food and not gaining any weight from it. That being said, I don’t always feel well and feel sluggish and fatigue.

Insert Arbonne.

A company known for plant-based products and better choices all around. I feel like I’ve hit two birds with one stone with this company. The wanting for more and the need to feel better. With this company you can become an independent consultant and create your own business within the company with the bonus of receiving the products at a fraction of the cost. My love of the beauty industry and helping others look and feel their best is what pushed me in the first place, but little did I realize just how much this journey would change me.

Skincare, makeup and now nutrition and fitness goals. The full package! I hope I can inspire others to follow along and take lead as I have. So for now it’s all about the before but looking forward to my after and my future. How bout you?


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