Do you ever wonder what it takes to be successful in life. How some may go further than others. It’s not that they are more special or lucky or have something you don’t. They just know that the only person they can rely on to actually make it happen is themselves. No one can live your life for you. No one can hold your hand and be your partner every step of the way. Sometimes we have to chose to go at it alone, solo.

It’s not that you are leaving friends and family behind and not counting on them for moral support, but that you are basing your life on your own terms. Whatever it is you want to achieve you have to be able to follow your gut instincts and just go for it. If you wait around for someone to do it with you or hold your hand, I’m sorry but you’ll be waiting forever.

This applies on every aspect of life. Be it a career goal, fitness goal, health goal, travel goal. More and more we are hearing and seeing the term “solo” because it’s time for YOU to do whatever it is you want to do and do it now. No waiting around anymore for someone to help you along the way. If you want more from your job, go out and do what it takes to get ahead. If you want to join a gym, you can’t always wait for a partner because they may never show up. If you want better health and diet for yourself, only buy the proper foods and if you live with someone who isn’t on board, too bad. Don’t do it for them do it for you. And if you wanna travel the world, GO! On your own, solo, and trust me you’ll meet tons of others just like you.

My point is this. Stop waiting around and take charge of your life, whatever goal or achievement you may be yearning for and never be scared to run solo.


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