It’s not for everyone…

Network marketing, quote on quote “MLM” companies, side hustles, passive income. Call it whatever you want but at the end of the day people who are searching for these jobs are all searching with a common denominator. Working for themselves at their own convenience.

I’d like to clarify a few things as I’ve recently begun my own journey with an e-commerce MLM company. Contrary to popular belief I was not scouted. Gone are the days of house parties and getting friends and family to join. With the rise of online shopping and businesses, it has become just part of the norm. Wether it be a small business with a product you’ve developed on your own or join a franchise and sell their product, there is no real difference. You can both work alone for yourself or “hire” other employees all from your computer or phone.

If you buy your part into an MLM e-commerce business with the idea that you’ll just get people to work for you, under you as you sit home and do nothing you are sadly mistaken. People who go into these businesses with that mentality are those who fail and claim it to be a “scam”. It is NOT. It is a REAL business that requires real work to be put in to succeed.

Our jobs as consultants is not to recruit but to educate and promote a product or brand we believe in. If you don’t believe in what you are promoting, you will never succeed in anything.

Therefore, it is not for everyone. It is not a scheme or scam. It is hard work. It is building your business within a business with all the tools handed to you. DO NOT take that for granted.


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