Weekend off? …

So it’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I actually had the day off work. Instead of being out and about and enjoying the weather, I decided to stay home to read and research some more on my new social media marketing “side hustle” venture. Don’t get me wrong though, I do take time for myself and go out and have fun at times but where I’m still in the learning process I have fully engrossed myself.

That is something I feel is of upmost importance when taking on a new venture. You have to take the time to take the time. The efforts you put in from the beginning will set your flow throughout your journey. You will always have new issues to deal with and have to keep learning and growing but it’s from the very beginning the nurturing must happen.

Do we get paid for all this time and effort? Not in monetary value, no. But it is with this time we invest that will bring about successful financial growth in the future. Read, learn and educate yourself as much as possible on the topic of whatever the journey or venture it is you’re undertaking. Take it seriously and become an expert in your field. I promise, you will not regret it!


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