Where there’s a will there’s a way…

I’ll admit, I have no idea how I’m building or creating this blog. Like so many out there, we see others succeed on their journey and think, how? How do they do it? I believe the answer is a lot more simple than we think. They simply DO it. Not everyone has the ability or access to hiring professionals to help and not everyone wants that. When we want authenticity we have to go out on our own and just try our best. We learn so much more through trial and error than never trying at all or ever failing at all. People too often see failure as a negative instead of a positive learning curve. It’s all perspective. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with asking or seeking help.

My purpose in my trial and error is to have the ability to learn and grow to be able to help others along their way. If through my personal journey I can help inspire others it will all have been worth it. We often times look up to “celebrities”, whoever they are nowadays, and can’t always seem to relate or put them on another level where we don’t feel is attainable. I want to prove that your everyday person can achieve great things as well and so can YOU!

No matter what your “more” is I’m here to tell you to start, no matter how small the steps you take, in the direction of your goals. Do not let fear of failure stop you, learn through trial and error and find your will for more.


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