Have you ever found yourself craving more out of life? Feeling like there’s something authentic about you that you wish you could bring out and into the world? That’s where I find myself. Granted I won’t lie, I’ve pretty much felt like this my whole life but just never knew what or how.

We all do the same routine of growing up, going to school and going to work. Some of us are lucky enough to follow our passions from the get go but some of us never really know how to bring our passions to the surface. I was lucky enough to realize my passion for the beauty industry at a young age and pursue hairstyling. Where I find myself now is, what next? What more can I achieve?

This is what this journey will be about. Helping me and if I can others to realize their passions and crush their goals. I want to pursue a new “side hustle” and incorporate my passion for the beauty industry with my passion for travel and explore the options of online businesses.

Throughout these posts I will walk you through my journey and why I’m making the choices I’m making. Hope you all stay tuned and feel motivated along the way.


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